Carving knife, chisel set for woodblock/woodcut printing, mokuhanga, eraser stamp, seal engraving, noh-mask and buddha sculpture

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Seal-engraving, eraser-stamps

Stone seal carving can be used to add the traditional touch of red to illustrated letters, ink wash paintings, and calligraphy.1

Seal-engraving knives

  • Super sharp
  • Easy grip
  • Layered steel for easier sharpening
Materials & cases
  • Our seal stock is soft and easy to carve, making it ideal for beginners.
  • We use natural materials making the coloring of each unique.
  • Our boxes have delicate detailing on the outside like jewelry boxes with cushioning on the inside to protect the seal stock.

The eraser-stamp material is easy to carve and can be pressed easily onto any other material. Eraser-stamps are a great way to decorate messages and Christmas cards.

Eraser carving knives

  • Specially designed for carving out blank space in eraser-stamps
  • Comfortable and smooth carving feel
  • Designed for professionals seeking a beautiful finish for their stamp surface
Eraser-stamp items

  • Eraser-stamp material designed to be especially easy to carve
  • Three layers of color on both sides to minimize waste