Carving knife, chisel set for woodblock/woodcut printing, mokuhanga, eraser stamp, seal engraving, noh-mask and buddha sculpture

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The knife-making process

The knife-making process

How blades for high-speed steel carving knives are made

1:Procured material (high-speed steel, cold rolled finishing material)
The thickness is made uniform using cold rolled steel.

2:Pressing out the external shape
The material is cut to each size.

3:Press bending
The material is pressed to add the curve.

4:Inner grinding
The inner edge is given a rough grind.

5:Rough exterior grinding 1
Both outer edges are given a rough surface grind.

6:Rough exterior grinding 2
The outside is ground to give it a smooth curve.

7:Heat treatment
Heat treatment is applied.

8:Inner polish
The inner edge is given a finishing polish.

9:Outer polish and rough sharpening
The blade is given a rough sharpening and the outer edge is given a finishing polish.

10:Finishing blade sharpening
The blade is given the finishing sharpening.

11:Finishing buff and application of rust-proof varnish
Rust-proof varnish is applied after the finishing buff of the blade to complete the work.

How cherry wood handles for high-speed steel carving knives are made

1:Raw woodblock

An appropriately-sized piece is cut from the wood.

The piece is split in two for sandwiching the blade. Each piece is numbered the same for identification.

A hole is drilled for sandwiching the blade.

The two pieces with the same number from step 3 are fixed together and the wood grains are painstakingly aligned.

6:External oblong shaving
The exterior is shaved down to an oblong profile to prevent rolling when laid down.

7:Detailed carving of the blade fitting
The blade fitting part of the handle (that holds the actual knife in place) is carved in detail.

The exterior of the handle is buffed.

9:End work
The end of the handle is worked.

Wax is applied and polished to give the handle shine.

The blade is attached to complete the work.