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Woodblock printing

Woodblock printing

Japan's traditional ukiyo-e woodblock printing has influenced countless artists throughout the world, including even Picasso.
However, woodblock printing taught in schools today is limited to the use of rollers and the single color of black.

The sad fact is that many children think of ukiyo-e as a type of drawing or painting, and while there are some works drawn by hand, children are unaware that the vast majority are in fact woodblock prints.
By learning the technique of woodblock printing, children acquire a skill they can use even later in life as adults, such as for printing their own New Year's cards, while also learning about traditional Japanese culture.

In recent years, Japanese woodblock printing using water-based inks is spreading in popularity throughout the world.
However, many have trouble finding the right tools even when they already have the paper, woodblocks, and ink. In light of this, we share information on the technique of woodblock printing using water-based inks through the International Mokuhanga Conference and are also receiving an increasing number of inquiries about those tools from all over the world, including the US, Europe, and East Asia, each year.

The International Mokuhanga Conference

The fun of woodblock printing comes from drawing the underlying sketch, carving the woodblock with carving knives, applying inks, and using a pad to print the picture onto the paper, but the best part is the irreplaceable and deep pleasure one gains from seeing the finished product.

At Michihamono, we offer all the tools you need to try woodblock printing, including the carving knives, pads, and brushes.

High-speed steel carving knives

Sosaku baren pad, sumi-ban ink block and beta-ban color block

Sosaku brush and sosaku hake


Work bench

Shina (basswood) plywood